How To Time Fashion With The Right Watch

Watches – Are they really used for telling time? Not if you have been living under a rock since the past decade. With Smartphones/tablets/iPads taking over this basic function of time telling, watches are used exclusively as a fashion accessory. These portable timepieces are worn with a sense of pride by both men and women.  Continue Reading

Five Must-Have Handbags for your Wardrobe

Whether one is a bag fanatic or a minimalist who likes to keep things crisp and simple, one can never go wrong with the right kind of bag. Yes, that’s one of the discerning qualities that distinguishes it from its other counterpart accessories like shoes or belts.

Horra white sling

From a leather tote to a trendy clutch, from a cross-body to a simple work bag, we find our options limitless. Thus, choosing one that suits our needs and is also stylish enough to match with most of our outfits (read practical) is imperative. Whether they are pre-owned premium bags or ones with faux leather, our handbags represent who we are as a person, financially as well in terms of fashion.

Here is a list of top 5 staples that one must have in their closet to match any outfit or occasion

A Chic Clutch

No matter what you are wearing, a chic designer clutch is your go-to-bag when you need an instant fashion fix. One can opt for a multi-functional envelope clutch or an unobtrusive glittery number according to their requirement. We say, get BOTH!

A Roomy Tote

Who doesn’t want a big, everyday bag that has a 9-to-5 versatility when it comes to holding your paraphernalia and is sturdy enough to ride you through any weather? From keeping your laptop to your change of clothes or your makeup kits, these deceptively roomy totes can literally hold-it-all!

 A cross-body

What started as a functional thing (as a messenger bag) became quite a rage over the years with changes in designs and styles and eventually now a necessity for all. These bags (hands-free, literally) let you hold things and move about freely without any hassle. So, for all girls on-the-go, it is a must-have.

A Business Bag

Nothing speaks the language of power more than a classy, well-tailored leather bag. Whether it a business meeting, an impromptu brunch with the company head or just a mundane office day, one cannot do without a sharp looking business bag that matches with most outfits.

 A statement bag

Any bag that is bright enough to just add that pop-of-color to any boring, dull outfit or can make any dress worth a designer ensemble is a total must-have. One such bag is an absolute wardrobe essential for all, carry it and tell the whole world what you are, without speaking a word.

So, what you choose at the end of the day, depends on your requirement, self-expression, purpose, personal statement and of course – the budget.