A woman without a handbag is like a stiletto without a heel – flat. A purse is important, nay essential, to complete an attire. Because we appreciate the enormity of this particular purchase and the need to get your groove on this season, we have rounded up a guide for you. All styles, tastes and daily necessities have been taken into consideration to create this fashion-approved checklist. We say, save yourself time and effort pouring over carry-all, slings, upper-sized totes or micro pouches and just stick to the guide.


A Taste for Bags

Some women absolutely know the type of bag they want. There is no oscillating between choices. For these headstrong and take-charge women, here are our options.

  • For a sleek and structured look, think bowling bags. Take as little or as much as you want in it and it’s the perfect companion for work wear.
  • For a sculptured design that offers an avant-garde impact, the ever-dependable tote bags are a must-have

For a tongue-in-cheek effort that leverages your oomph factor, select a satchel style bag.

For an athleisure fashion that screams luxury, take the path of tiny belt bags that have exploded in the scene lately.

A Taste For Personality

Some women like to carry bags that are an extension of their personality. It is less a matter of the purse and more about what it speaks of them. Here are options for these trailblazers.

For minimal effort and maximum impact, there is just one road to tread – the micro pouches. The mini purse is yuuuge this season; everyone is doing it.


For a classic look that also lends a cool factor, imagine bags with unconventional handles. For example, round hoop handles will upgrade any look this season.


For a playful and chic personality, the return of the PVC bags is a godsend. The see-through bags that were seen everywhere at the start of this century are perfect style statements this summer.


As we bid you adieu for today, we leave you with a style secret. If you don’t know the type of bag that will suit your personality look at the fashion icons of today. For the feisty women, think Priyanka Chopra and her penchant to use bags with a pop of colour. For the stately and subtle women, consider the newly minted duchess, Meghan Markle, and her understated yet elegant handbag style. For the break, the internet women, think Kim Kardashian and her one step ahead purse style that made the microscopic Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito mini bag so famous.



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