Ladies’ handbags and purses are like friends, you can never have too many! Ladies’ handbags are the most functional and hard-working assets in the wardrobe. They not only convey a polished look, but also hold our most valuable items intact for our day-to-day routine. Yes, we love our handbags and the only thing we probably love more is shopping for them, right?

So, what if we told you that the next time you go to shop for your next handbag, sideline the trend and focus on finding one that suits your body type. You heard it right! Like a fitting dress, that can put on or take off pounds of your figure, a structured handbag has the same power.

Read the pointers below that will help you buy your ‘perfect’ handbag.

Slim and tall– Yes, the ones blessed with slim bodies too must choose handbags carefully as big and over-sized bags can overpower their personality. Buy bags that are small, petite or are slouchy or have long shoulder straps/chains to avoid looking taller.

Round-shaped or apple shaped

This body type should stick to structured bags. As a thumb rule, just go opposite your body shape, so in this case, buying a rectangular shaped bag or a box shaped bag with soft materials is the right choice.


Women with smaller bony structure should avoid over-sized bags as a golden rule. Not only these bags overwhelm your body frame but also make you look shorter than you are. Buy one that is longer vertically and preferably has a short strap.

Pear shaped

Women that have heavy bottoms and thighs should opt for bags with shorter straps that are far away from their mid-section (taking away the attention from their heavy parts) and hips. Opt for well structured bags.

If you are planning to splurge on a designer bag, we would suggest sticking to basic blacks and browns (according to your body shape) and if you are planning to experiment with fun, funky shapes; try buying ones that are don’t cause a dent in your wallet. Remember they are the most visible fashion accessory which is both functional and symbolic, conveying to others the tribe to which you belong, so choose well!

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