Who believes that the first impression you make is the last impression? We do! Right from your clothing, shoes, hairstyle and most importantly your character sums up who you are as a person (pretty much). Well for a man, a watch is an important piece of accessory that not only punctuates his outfit, but also says a bit about him. What we are getting at is that a wrist is a terrible thing to waste, whether you are heading for your dream job interview or a date. Simply, having one on your wrist plays an integral role in purporting what it means to be a man.


We know how difficult it can get to pick a watch for yourself. There’s so much to consider: the style, the price, the occasion etc. But, trust us, none of these matter if you do not have the sense of wearing a watch the right way.


The way you wear a watch will convey to others whether you are aware of what you are doing. People notice the details, and you may want to understand the do’s and don’ts. Hence, we are here to guide you.


Few things to remember when wearing a watch:


Fits You Like A Glove


Yes, the size of the watch matters, whether it is the case or the strap. Make sure your watch is the proper size; it shouldn’t be too tight that it leaves imprints on your skin, nor must it slide on your wrist.


Wear your watch at the tip of the ulna, which is the bone on your wrist that bulges out to avoid discomfort.


Right or Left? Find Out!

Ideally, it all depends on your dominant hand. Right-handed people, wear your watch on your left wrist because watch crowns are on the right side of the case, making it easier to handle the chronograph pushers while travelling.


“Have It Flaunt It Attitude” May Not Work Here

So, there is no hard and fast rule that you should not wear your watch on top of your cuff. People do that and it’s okay. Just that it feels like they’re trying too hard to show off their watch which is not needed really. In order to make sure you are on the right track, your watch must peek out when you bend your arm.


Sync Your Watch With Your Outfits

Make sure the watch you buy matches with the rest of your wardrobe, especially the strap. Just keep in mind the below points:

1. The leather strap complements a formal occasion. And if you can, match the strap with your other leathers, shoes or belt.

2. Be a man of steel when it comes to your watch. Why? Metal is smooth, practical, and stern while. And let’s not forget its neutrality! If you opt for a metal band, make sure there is a hint of metal in your waist belt buckle or may be cufflinks.

3. A rubber/canvas/grosgrain strap reflects a casual vibe and is perfect to pair with your denims and tee avatar.

When One Is Sufficient!

Well, when you have decided that one watch is just what you need, then make sure it is stylistically neutral—so that you will be able to wear it with any outfit in your wardrobe.


Dial & Case Style

Things to keep in mind:

1. Dials & cases that are plain and simple (rectangular or round) are meant for formal occasions and is mostly the most common option for men.

2. For casual-only wear, the dial can have colour and contrast in unusual styles (triangular etc.).

All About The Movement!

 Are you lost about the watch hand movements when you buy a watch? Fret Not! There are three types of movement, and it’s the most important because it is what keeps the actual time. 1. Mechanical Movements 2. Automatic movements 3. Electronic Movements

All three types of movement are great, but a high-quality mechanical or automatic movement may be more accurate. Something you might want to consider over an electronic movement. Totally left upto you!

So…go ahead, wear a watch.

There are no specific rules in particular on how to wear a watch for men, but, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. Invest in one or multiple; what’s most important is finding a style that suits your style, personality and occasion.


Until next time, keep loving us!



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